Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa


The categories for exhibits have changed for 2019.

There are now 2 categories:

  • Investigation

  • Technology


We made these changes so that:

  • There is less confusion around what category your exhibit fits

  • Judging exhibits is more efficient and effective

  • Comparing exhibits is easier and fairer


Please ensure that you are familiar with the new judging criteria and that you understand it so that you are in the best possible position to do well at the fair.  We hope that the new criteria provide a positive step forward for you and for the judges now and in the future years.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying your wonderful contributions to the Central Northland Science and Technology Fair this year!


Wishing you the very best of luck (Mauri ora)




Chief Judge

Central Northland Science and Technology Fair
















Judging Criteria – Scientific Investigation

Thought and Understanding (30)

  • Exhibit demonstrates clear scientific thought. 

  • Questions/cause & effect are identified. Prediction stated. 

  • Experiments are devised & include methods, accuracy, variables, results, and data. 

  • Appreciation of need for accuracy in observation and measurement. 

  • Records show analysis and are presented accurately. 

  • Conclusions drawn and suitable discussion recorded. 


Originality (30)

  • In the selection of a topic or statement. 

  • Uniqueness of approach. 

  • Resourcefulness in obtaining, handling and interpreting data. 

  • Ingenious use of equipment and materials. 

  • Creative displays or use of illustrative materials. 

  • Inventive apparatus. 

  • Insightful conclusions. 

  • Inspired applications of the principle, process or product. 


Thoroughness (20)

  • All reasonable aspects have been investigated. 

  • Previous work in this area has been investigated. 

  • Records are suitably detailed in the log book.

  • Evidence of analysis in depth and sufficient detail. 

  • Any assistance has been documented. 


Technical Skills (20)

  • Well designed and constructed. 

  • Reliability of operation. 

  • Use of instruments/tools. 

  • Papatuanuku (living plants and animals) are well catered for. 

  • The whole is well planned and neatly finished.



Judging Criteria - Technology

Brief Development (35)

  • What is to be done? 

  • Why should it be done? 

  • The specifications are defined. 

  • The end users are described and their needs identified. 

  • Ideas to meet the need are described. 

  • Planning stages are identified. 

  • Milestones are described. 

  • Evidence of reflection and forward planning is presented. 


Possible Solutions (35)

  • Mock-ups, models or prototypes are shown. 

  • Is it fit for the purpose? 

  • Does it meet the brief? 

  • Does it meet the needs of the end users? 

  • Does it meet the specifications? 

  • Any future opportunities are identified. 

  • Evidence of originality or innovation is shown. 


Technical Skills (20)

  • It is well designed and constructed. 

  • It is reliable in operation. 

  • It shows skilful use of tools and instruments. 

  • It is well planned and neatly finished. 


Presentation (10)

  • Steps are recorded with detail in the log book. 

  • The text and diagrams are clear. 

  • Assistance is acknowledged.